What Topcoat Should I Put on My Epoxy Floor?

What Topcoat Should I Put on My Epoxy Floor?

A Guide to Selecting the Best Top Coat for Your Epoxy Floor

When it comes to choosing the best protective layer for your epoxy flooring, the options can seem endless. With a plethora of top coats available, making an informed decision is crucial to ensure the longevity and beauty of your investment. Epoxy Plus Pro stands at the forefront of delivering exquisite epoxy floors that not only captivate the eye but also withstand the test of time. In this article, we delve into the various top coats suited for metallic and flake epoxy floors, with a special emphasis on why a satin finish high wear urethane is the premier choice for high traffic commercial spaces.

The Essence of Epoxy Floors by Epoxy Plus Pro in New Jersey & New York

Epoxy floors by Epoxy Plus Pro are more than just a flooring solution; they are a statement of elegance, durability, and style. Our clients frequently commend the transformational effect our floors have on their spaces, with one customer noting, "The epoxy floor installed by Epoxy Plus Pro has not only rejuvenated our garage but has become the talking point of our home." This testament to the allure and resilience of our floors sets the stage for the importance of choosing the right top coat to protect these stunning installations.

Understanding the Importance of a Top Coat

A top coat serves as the final layer applied over the epoxy coating, offering additional protection against various forms of wear and tear. It plays a pivotal role in:

  • Enhancing the floor's appearance, adding depth and gloss if desired
  • Providing UV protection to prevent yellowing
  • Offering superior chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Extending the lifespan of the epoxy floor

Selecting the right top coat is not merely about protection; it's about ensuring the longevity of your floor's aesthetic appeal and functional integrity.

Top Coats for Metallic and Flake Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Urethane Top Coats

Polyurethane top coats are favored for their UV resistance and flexibility, making them ideal for areas exposed to sunlight and heavy foot traffic. They help preserve the color and shimmer of metallic epoxy floors, ensuring they remain vibrant over the years. These coatings are available in a gloss, semi-gloss and satin finish. 

Epoxy Top Coats

For enhanced chemical resistance and thickness, epoxy top coats are a solid choice. They add an additional layer of durability, protecting the floor from spills and chemicals, which is especially beneficial in industrial settings.

Flake Epoxy Floors- Garages and Beyond

Polyaspartic Top Coats

Polyaspartic coatings offer rapid curing times and excellent UV stability, making them perfect for projects requiring a quick turnaround. Their superior abrasion resistance ensures the floor maintains its texture and color, even in high traffic areas.

Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic sealers provide a cost-effective solution for adding a layer of protection with a moderate gloss finish. They are suitable for environments with lighter foot traffic, where major concerns are dust and light abrasions.

The Premier Choice: Satin Finish High Wear Urethane for Commercial Spaces

After a detailed analysis of various top coats, Epoxy Plus Pro advocates for the use of a satin finish high wear urethane top coat in high traffic commercial and residential settings. This urethane top coat stands out for its unparalleled balance of durability and aesthetic finesse. It provides a sophisticated satin finish that minimizes glare, alongside remarkable wear resistance that is essential for commercial environments.

Why Choose Satin Finish High Wear Urethane?

  • Durability: Offers exceptional resistance to abrasions, chemicals, and continuous foot traffic.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The satin finish provides a sleek, modern look.
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the floor remains beautiful with minimal effort.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of commercial settings, including retail stores, warehouses, and showrooms.

Customer Testimonials on Durability

"Our warehouse floor has endured heavy machinery and constant traffic, yet it looks as good as new thanks to the urethane top coat recommended by Epoxy Plus Pro," shares a satisfied client. Another adds, "The satin finish not only looks professional but has also withstood the test of harsh chemicals without showing any signs of wear."

What Topcoat Will You Choose?

In the realm of epoxy flooring, the choice of a top coat is not just a final step but a critical decision that significantly influences the durability, appearance, and longevity of the floor. The ideal top coat for epoxy floors, be it in a garage, industrial setting, or residential area, must offer a blend of high performance, aesthetic appeal, and protective qualities. Among the plethora of options available, certain products and formulations stand out for their superior qualities, including the Epoxy Plus High Performance Clear Top Coat, which exemplifies the pinnacle of epoxy system advancements.

For those embarking on an epoxy project, whether it's a DIY epoxy garage floor or a professional installation in a commercial space, understanding the distinction between various top coats—such as aliphatic urethane, polyaspartic urethane, and high solids epoxy—is paramount. Aliphatic urethane top coats, known for their UV resistance and high wear durability, are particularly recommended for areas exposed to significant sunlight or heavy foot traffic, ensuring that the floor remains pristine and vibrant for years.

Polyaspartic urethane, a newer addition to the top coat lineup, offers a unique combination of fast curing times and excellent durability, making it a preferred choice for projects requiring a quick turnaround without compromising on quality. It's capable of delivering a high-gloss finish or a satin sheen, depending on the desired aesthetic, while providing robust protection against abrasion, chemicals, and staining. This type of top coat is especially beneficial in environments with heavy hi-lo traffic, such as manufacturing facilities or auto service centers.

High solids epoxies and water-based epoxies offer another dimension of protection, with formulations designed for deep penetration and strong adhesion to the base coat. These products are characterized by their long-lasting durability and ability to withstand industrial-grade abuse. For garage floors, a high-quality top coat not only enhances the visual appeal but also defends the surface against the rigors of daily use, including oil spills, tire marks, and mechanical impacts.

The Epoxy Plus Floor system exemplifies a high-performance solution that incorporates an epoxy base coat with a high wear urethane top coat, offering an unbeatable combination of toughness and elegance. This system is ideal for residential garage floors, computer rooms, and other areas that demand a floor sealer exhibiting excellent characteristics for abrasion resistance and chemical defense throughout New York City and New Jersey.

Choosing the best top coat for your epoxy floor involves considering factors such as the specific needs of the space, exposure to sunlight, and expected traffic levels. For installations in areas with a lot of windows or direct sunlight exposure, a UV-resistant top coat like aliphatic urethane is essential to prevent yellowing and maintain the floor's aesthetic integrity. In contrast, industrial applications with heavy machinery and traffic might benefit more from a polyaspartic or high solids epoxy coating for its rapid curing time and enhanced durability.

By understanding the specific characteristics and advantages of different types of urethane and epoxy coatings, you can ensure that your new floor not only looks stunning but also provides a durable, long-lasting surface ready to face the challenges of its environment. Contact Epoxy Plus Pro at (347) 261- 9808 to schedule a consultation and to learn more about the decorative epoxy possibilities for your space. High-Quality Epoxy Flooring Services in NY & NJ - Epoxy Plus Pro

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