Project details

Brooklyn Art Gallery with Epoxy Plus Pro

The Warmth of Epoxy Flooring

In the heart of Brooklyn's vibrant art scene, Epoxy Plus Pro was entrusted with the task of enhancing a public space within a popular art gallery. The project's ambition was clear: to coat a set of concrete steps with a grey water-based epoxy, finishing with a high wear urethane topcoat to achieve a clean, minimalist look.

Vision of the Space

The gallery's management aimed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where art enthusiasts could gather, converse, and immerse themselves in various art installations. "Our vision was to complement the artistic expressions surrounding us with a floor that was both elegant and practical," said the gallery management. Epoxy Plus Pro was chosen for their expertise and their ability to bring this vision to life.

Customer's Requirement: Functionality Meets Aesthetics

The project demanded a functional surface that was easy to maintain and clean, without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. Opting for a non-glossy finish, a satin finish urethane was installed to ensure durability while maintaining the space's inviting ambiance. The gallery space, spanning over 8000 square feet, was transformed within a mere 2 days, showcasing Epoxy Plus Pro's efficiency and dedication.

The Epoxy Plus Pro Approach

Initial Consultation

The project began with an in-depth consultation where Epoxy Plus Pro's sales representative discussed the project's requirements, ensuring every detail aligned with the client's expectations. Samples were produced for approval, setting a foundation of trust and collaboration.

Installation Process

  1. Surface Preparation: Specialized concrete grinding equipment fitted with diamond tools was employed to meticulously prepare the concrete steps, ensuring the epoxy coating would form a permanent bond.
  2. Epoxy Application: A grey water-based epoxy was carefully applied, chosen specifically for its aesthetic qualities, functional benefits, and quick drying times.
  3. Finishing Touches: After the epoxy had fully dried, a high wear satin finish urethane was applied, providing the steps with added durability and a non-glossy finish that the gallery desired.

The Customer Experience

"The expertise and professionalism of Epoxy Plus Pro surpassed our expectations. They not only embraced our vision but also executed it flawlessly, enhancing the gallery's aesthetic and functional appeal," commended the gallery management. This collaboration with Epoxy Plus Pro not only met the gallery's needs but also left a lasting impression on its management and visitors.

Why Choose Epoxy Plus Pro

Opting for Epoxy Plus Pro means entrusting your space to the hands of seasoned professionals who are committed to quality and excellence. With a proven track record in New York and New Jersey, Epoxy Plus Pro stands out as a leading flooring contractor, offering:

  • Professional-grade epoxy systems
  • Comprehensive support from experienced contractors
  • Superior durability and aesthetic appeal

Whether it's a public space in a Brooklyn art gallery or a personal project at home, Epoxy Plus Pro ensures your vision becomes a reality, combining beauty with functionality.

Hire Epoxy Plus Pro For Your Epoxy Project

Epoxy Plus Pro's dedication to transforming spaces with premium epoxy solutions is evident in their swift and meticulous work at the Brooklyn art gallery. By choosing Epoxy Plus Pro, you're selecting a partner committed to bringing your flooring vision to life, supported by unparalleled expertise and quality materials.