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Epoxy Plus Pro Elevates Brooklyn Art Gallery with Self-Leveling Concrete Floor

Concrete Is warm an inviting

In the heart of Brooklyn's art scene, a gallery embarked on a transformative journey with Epoxy Plus Pro to redefine its public space. The project's goal was clear: to install a self-leveling concrete floor that harmonized with the gallery's minimalist aesthetic while offering a warm, inviting atmosphere for art enthusiasts to gather and engage.

The Desire for Functional Beauty with concrete

The management's vision extended beyond mere aesthetics; they sought a functional surface that would enhance the gallery's ambiance without sacrificing ease of maintenance. "We envisioned a space that not only showcased our art installations in their best light but also welcomed our visitors into an environment conducive to appreciation and conversation," shared the gallery's management team. Epoxy Plus Pro was tasked with bringing this vision to life, emphasizing functionality and minimalist design.

Crafting the Perfect Space with self leveling concrete: The Epoxy Plus Pro Method

Initial Consultation and Planning

The collaboration began with a detailed consultation, allowing Epoxy Plus Pro to fully grasp the gallery's needs and aesthetic goals. Samples were prepared and approved, ensuring alignment with the gallery's vision and setting the expectation and the stage for a successful installation.

Surface Preparation and Installation

  1. Grinding for Optimal Adhesion: Utilizing advanced concrete grinding equipment fitted with diamond tools, Epoxy Plus Pro meticulously prepared the gallery's floor. This essential step ensured the self-leveling concrete and subsequent epoxy coating would bond permanently with the existing surface.
  2. Pouring Self-Leveling Concrete: A high-quality self-leveling concrete mixture was carefully poured, creating a smooth, even base that perfectly complemented the gallery's sleek design ethos.
  3. Sealing with Clear Epoxy: After the concrete settled and cured, a clear epoxy layer was applied to seal the floor, enhancing its durability and ensuring the longevity of the aesthetic appeal.
  4. Finishing with Satin Urethane: In line with the gallery's preference for a non-gloss finish, a high-wear satin finish urethane was installed. This topcoat provided the desired aesthetic while offering protection against the high foot traffic expected in such a vibrant public space.

What the Management had to say

"The expertise and attentiveness Epoxy Plus Pro brought to our project were exceptional. They transformed our space into exactly what we had envisioned: a minimalist, functional surface that welcomes and inspires our visitors," expressed the gallery management. The project, spanning over 8000 square feet, was completed in just five days, a testament to Epoxy Plus Pro's efficiency and dedication to starting every project on time and finishing every project on time.

Why Choose Epoxy Plus Pro

Opting for Epoxy Plus Pro means choosing a partner committed to excellence, from the initial consultation to the final touches of your project. With a proven track record in New York and New Jersey, Epoxy Plus Pro stands out as a premier epoxy floor contractor, offering:

  • Professional-grade materials and installation
  • A collaborative approach to design and execution
  • Durable, aesthetically pleasing solutions tailored to each client's needs

Transforming Spaces with Concrete Floors in NY & NJ

Epoxy Plus Pro's contribution to the Brooklyn art gallery exemplifies how the right flooring solution can elevate a public space, creating an environment that is both beautiful and functional. Whether it's a self-leveling concrete floor for a gallery or a robust epoxy system for a commercial space, Epoxy Plus Pro is your trusted partner for flooring solutions that inspire and endure.