Concrete Floors Grind and Seal Epoxy Floor Coating in NJ & NY



Concrete Floors Grind and Seal Epoxy Floor Coating in NJ & NY- Garage Floor or Interior Space

Kick Your Floors Up a Notch with Epoxy Plus Pro’s Grind and Seal Floor Coating

Ready to take your floors from "meh" to "wow" across New York and New Jersey? Whether you're navigating the hustle of Manhattan, soaking in the Brooklyn vibes, exploring the diverse Queens, or chilling in the Bronx and Staten Island, we at Epoxy Plus Pro are here to transform your space with some serious floor love. Our grind and seal services aren’t just about making your floors durable; they’re about infusing your spot with personality and style that lasts.

Grind and Seal: The Game Changer Your Floors Need- Aesthetically Pleasing 

Long-Lasting Durability: Let’s face it, floors put up with a lot – from daily foot traffic to the occasional “oops” moments. Our process arms your floors to face all that life throws their way, keeping them looking effortlessly cool.

NY & NJ Style That Speaks: Glossy, matte, or something in between – how do you want your floor to express itself? Our process allows for total customization, ensuring your floors reflect your unique style.

Low-Key Sealer Maintenance: Imagine floors that stay pristine with minimal fuss. That’s the dream, right? Sealed floors are ridiculously easy to maintain, letting you reclaim your weekends from the tyranny of cleaning or save money.

Eco-Friendly Sealed Concrete Vibes: Choosing our service means you’re making a choice that’s kinder to our planet. It’s all about achieving that high-quality look and feel without the environmental guilt.

The Magic Behind Our Epoxy Floor Seal in New York and New Jersey

Let’s break down how we turn that dull concrete into something spectacular:

  1. The Grind Down: It all starts with getting rid of the old to make way for the new. We grind down your concrete floor, removing any past mistakes (like ugly stains or uneven textures). This step is crucial for creating that smooth canvas we need for the magic to happen.

  2. The Big Clean-Up: After grinding, it’s time for a clean sweep. We get rid of all the dust and debris, ensuring nothing gets in the way of your floor’s new sealer.

  3. Sealing the Greatness: Here’s where the real transformation happens. We bring in our high-quality concrete sealers – think of them as the protectors of your floor’s new-found glory. Depending on your vibe, we can go with very reflective finish epoxy, each offering its brand of awesome to keep your floors safe and sound.

  4. Polishing to Perfection: Want that extra sheen? We can polish up your sealed floor to hit just the right level of shine, making sure it catches the light (and everyone’s eyes) just right.


In the heart of urban landscapes like New York and New Jersey, the quest for sleek, durable flooring solutions has led many homeowners and businesses to rediscover the potential of their concrete floors. Epoxy Plus Pro, a leading flooring contractor, is at the forefront of transforming these spaces with high-quality concrete grinding and sealing services, offering an aesthetic and functional upgrade that caters to the modern demand for sleek and durable surfaces.

The Urban Appeal of Concrete Floors

Grind and seal concrete floors are becoming the go-to choice for those looking to infuse urban spaces with a sleek, modern look. This process involves grinding the concrete surface to smooth out imperfections and then applying a premium sealer that protects the floor from stains, wear, and the hazards of heavy items and vehicular traffic. The result? Floors that not only look stunning but are also built to last, standing up to the wide range of chemicals and types of damage that urban floors must withstand.

Why Choose Grind and Seal for Your Space?

Whether it's a garage floor in need of an upgrade or a restaurant floor that sees daily spills, the concrete floor grind and seal service from Epoxy Plus Pro offers a solution that combines aesthetics with practicality. Sealed concrete floors offer a protective barrier, making them easy to maintain and keep clean, allowing you to return to business without missing a beat. Plus, with the option to add metallic epoxy coatings or diamond epoxy for an awesome metallic floor, the possibilities for customization are endless.

Serving New York and New Jersey with Pride

Epoxy Plus Pro is proud to serve management companies throughout New Jersey and New York, providing top-tier flooring services that transform concrete floors into sleek, modern surfaces. Our team is skilled in preparing the concrete with thorough grinding and applying high-quality epoxy and sealers that exceed expectations. Whether it's for a home or business, our grind and seal floors are designed to offer the durability and aesthetic appeal that modern urban spaces require.

Get Started on Your Flooring Project

Ready to give your floors the modern, durable finish they deserve? Contact Epoxy Plus Pro today at 347-261-9808 for a free estimate on your commercial or residential flooring project. Our expertise in concrete grinding and sealing, along with our commitment to using the best materials and processes, ensures your new floor will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Let us help you transform your garage, business, or home with a flooring solution that’s truly one of a kind. 

At Epoxy Plus Pro, we understand that every space is unique, which is why we offer a diverse array of flooring options to meet the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of our customers. Whether you're looking to transform your garage with a durable epoxy garage flake floor coating, seeking the sleek and modern look of polished concrete flooring for your business, or considering the sophisticated flair of metallic epoxy for your restaurant or retail floors, we have the solution. Our services extend beyond traditional epoxy coatings to include concrete grinding and sealing, providing sealed concrete floors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to withstand the rigors of heavy items, vehicular traffic, and exposure to a wide range of chemicals. With Epoxy Plus Pro, you're choosing a flooring contractor committed to delivering high-quality concrete floors in New Jersey and New York. From self-leveling concrete that ensures a smooth, even surface to decorative floor systems that make your floors truly stand out, our team is equipped to handle any project, big or small. Contact us today for a free proposal and let us help you make an informed decision on the best flooring option for your home or business.