Project details

Seamless Concrete: The Jersey City Restaurant's Flooring Transformation


In the heart of Jersey City, New Jersey, a restaurant's vision of minimalism and functionality was brought to life by Epoxy Plus Pro, a leading flooring contractor recognized across New Jersey and New York. The project spotlighted a concrete micro-topping overlay floor, embodying a clean, off-white bone color that seamlessly merged with the restaurant's aesthetic.

Project Overview: Microtopping and epoxy

Vision and Design

"The minimalist approach we took for the restaurant's design demanded a floor that was not just durable but visually cohesive with our clean and understated theme," shared the designer. Achieving this seamless look involved selecting an off-white bone color for the concrete floor, paired with a satin finish urethane for durability without the sheen of high gloss.

Client's Ambition

"We wanted a space that felt welcoming and sophisticated, without the maintenance headache. Epoxy Plus Pro delivered exactly that," remarked the restaurant owner. This project underscored the importance of a floor that could withstand heavy foot traffic while contributing to the overall inviting ambiance of the restaurant.

The Process: Crafting Durability and Style

Initial Consultation and Planning

Epoxy Plus Pro initiated the transformation with a detailed discussion with the client, ensuring a clear understanding of the project's goals. Samples were produced and approved, setting the stage for a renovation tailored to the client's needs.

Surface Preparation

Specialized concrete grinding equipment, fitted with diamond tools, was employed to prepare the existing floor. This crucial step ensured the micro-topping overlay would adhere flawlessly, creating a durable and long-lasting surface.

Micro-topping and Epoxy Sealing

The concrete overlay process was carefully executed to achieve the desired off-white bone color, enhancing the space's minimalist design. Following the overlay, a clear epoxy coat was applied to seal the floor, enriching the color and ensuring an additional layer of protection.

Final Touches

The application of a high-wear satin finish urethane was the project's crowning step. This choice not only met the client's desire to avoid a high gloss finish but also ensured the floor's resilience against the bustling restaurant environment.

Unparalleled Satisfaction: The Client and Designer Experience

The Designer's Reflection

"Working with Epoxy Plus Pro was a seamless process from start to finish. Their attention to detail and dedication to realizing our vision was evident in every step," the designer praised.

The Owner's Testament

"The team at Epoxy Plus Pro transformed our space into exactly what we had envisioned. The durability and ease of maintenance of the floor have made it a perfect fit for our high-traffic restaurant," the owner expressed.

Conclusion: A Testament to Epoxy Plus Pro's Expertise

This project in Jersey City stands as a testament to Epoxy Plus Pro's ability to merge aesthetic desires with functional needs. As a leading epoxy floor contractor in New Jersey and New York, Epoxy Plus Pro prides itself on delivering custom flooring solutions that enhance spaces while promising longevity and ease of maintenance. The concrete micro-topping overlay floor in this Jersey City restaurant is not just a surface but a foundational element of its design, reflecting the establishment's minimalist elegance and enduring appeal.