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Epoxy Plus Pro Transforms Manhattan Hair Salon with Concrete Grind and Seal Floor

Waterbased Epoxy Grind and Seal

In the heart of Manhattan, NY, a chic hair salon embarked on a transformation journey with Epoxy Plus Pro, aiming to redefine its aesthetic ambiance. The goal was to achieve a clean, minimalist look that not only welcomed clients into a warm space but also emphasized the natural beauty of the concrete floor beneath.

The Vision: Functionality Meets Aesthetic Appeal

The salon's owner sought a flooring solution that would not only enhance the salon's minimalist design but also stand up to the high traffic demands of the bustling Manhattan location. "We wanted a floor that reflected our commitment to beauty and functionality, creating an inviting atmosphere for our clients," shared the salon owner. Epoxy Plus Pro was chosen for their expertise in bringing such visions to life, ensuring a blend of practicality and style.

The Epoxy Plus Pro Difference: A Step-by-Step Transformation

Consultation and Customization

The project kicked off with a detailed consultation, where Epoxy Plus Pro's experienced sales representative carefully discussed the salon owner's needs and aesthetic preferences. Samples were meticulously crafted and approved, setting the foundation for a successful transformation.

Installation Excellence

  1. Concrete Grinding Precision: Utilizing state-of-the-art concrete grinding equipment equipped with diamond tools, Epoxy Plus Pro expertly prepared the salon's floor. This critical step ensured the concrete's pores were open, allowing for a permanent bond with the epoxy coating.
  2. Epoxy Sealing with Clear Waterbased Epoxy: A clear water-based epoxy was applied, sealing the ground concrete while maintaining the floor's natural aesthetic. This layer was key to achieving the desired minimalist look while providing a durable surface.
  3. Finishing with Satin Urethane: To meet the salon owner's preference for a non-gloss finish, a high wear satin finish urethane topcoat was applied. This final touch provided the floor with a subtle sheen, enhancing the space's welcoming atmosphere without sacrificing durability.

Salon Owner's Praise- Another satisfied client

"Working with Epoxy Plus Pro was an absolute pleasure. They understood our vision from the start and executed it flawlessly, delivering a floor that's both beautiful and perfectly suited to our high-traffic salon," enthused the salon owner. The project, covering over 800 square feet, was impressively completed in just two days, demonstrating Epoxy Plus Pro's commitment to efficiency and excellence.

Why Trust Epoxy Plus Pro with Your Floor

Choosing Epoxy Plus Pro means opting for a partner who prioritizes your vision and needs, backed by unparalleled expertise in the flooring industry. Known across New Jersey and New York, Epoxy Plus Pro stands out as a leading flooring contractor, renowned for:

  • Professional-grade epoxy and concrete solutions
  • Tailored design and execution
  • Durable, aesthetically pleasing finishes designed for longevity

Conclusion: Where Beauty and Durability Intersect

The successful transformation of the Manhattan hair salon underscores Epoxy Plus Pro's ability to blend aesthetic desires with functional needs. Whether it's a salon, retail space, or residential area, Epoxy Plus Pro is dedicated to delivering flooring solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, setting a new standard for beauty and durability in the industry.

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