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Manhattan Retail Space with Stunning Concrete Microtopping Floors

In Manhattan, New York, where style and innovation are paramount, a retail space has undergone a remarkable transformation with the sleek sophistication of a concrete microtopping floor. This project by Epoxy Plus Pro showcases how a modern concrete overlay can elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of commercial environments.

The Vision

The retail space owner sought a contemporary, durable flooring solution to withstand the high foot traffic typical of New York City. The choice was clear: a stylish concrete microtopping overlay, meticulously installed by the expert concrete floor contractors at Epoxy Plus Pro.

Crafting the Perfect Floor

The transformation began with careful preparation. Our skilled team of concrete floor contractors in NY and NJ thoroughly cleaned and primed the existing surface, ensuring a flawless bond for the new overlay. This step is crucial for achieving a seamless finish.

Once prepared, a high-performance concrete overlay was custom colored and expertly applied, creating a smooth and uniform surface. This new layer not only enhanced the visual appeal of the floor but also provided a robust and low-maintenance foundation, ideal for a busy retail environment.

Sealed for Brilliance and Durability

To ensure the longevity and maintain the sleek appearance of the floor, a premium satin finish urethane was applied. This sealed concrete finish protects the floor from everyday wear and tear while providing a polished, sophisticated sheen. The sealed surface is highly resistant to stains and spills, making it perfect for a dynamic retail setting.

The Stunning Outcome

The result is a breathtaking, modern concrete floor that elevates the retail space's aesthetic. The seamless, glossy finish of the concrete microtopping overlay exudes a chic, urban vibe, enhancing the shopping experience for customers and making a bold, stylish statement.

Why Concrete Microtopping?

Concrete microtopping is the ideal choice for commercial spaces seeking a balance of style and durability. It can be tailored to fit any design vision, from industrial chic to modern elegance. Moreover, concrete floors are easy to maintain and stand the test of time, making them a smart investment for any business.

Our Expertise

At Epoxy Plus Pro, we specialize in transforming spaces with our top level concrete flooring solutions. As leading concrete floor contractors in New York and New Jersey, we bring expertise and creativity to every project, ensuring that each floor we craft is a masterpiece.

Let's Transform Your Space

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