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Designer Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor in New Jersey

Introduction to the Project


Epoxy Plus Pro recently completed a stunning project in New Jersey, transforming a garage floor into a showpiece for a client’s collection of exotic sports cars. This project involved creating a custom designer metallic epoxy floor using Pearl and Silver metallics, resulting in a modern and visually striking finish.

Project Details

Client’s Vision

The client wanted a garage floor that would not only be functional but also serve as a showcase for their impressive collection of exotic sports cars. The goal was to achieve a modern and luxurious look that complemented the high-end vehicles.

Creating the Custom Shade

To meet the client's vision, we blended Pearl and Silver metallics to create a custom shade that was both unique and visually stunning. This custom metallic epoxy provided a shimmering, dynamic surface that enhanced the overall aesthetic of the garage.

Applying the Designer Metallic Epoxy

The application process began with thorough preparation of the existing garage floor to ensure optimal adhesion which included grinding the concrete, a step that must be done correctly. Once the floor was ready, the custom metallic epoxy blend was applied. The metallics created a marbled, three-dimensional effect that added depth and movement to the floor, making it a true centerpiece of the garage.

Finishing with a Gloss Urethane Topcoat

To protect the beautiful metallic epoxy finish, a gloss urethane topcoat was applied. This topcoat not only added a brilliant shine but also provided a durable, high-wear surface capable of withstanding the demands of a garage environment.

Client Feedback

Quotes from the Client

"I wanted a garage floor that would be as impressive as my car collection, and Epoxy Plus Pro delivered beyond my expectations," said the client. "The custom Pearl and Silver metallic epoxy floor is stunning and truly elevates the entire space."

Benefits of Designer Metallic Epoxy Floors

Aesthetic Appeal

Designer metallic epoxy floors are known for their stunning visual appeal. The custom blend of Pearl and Silver metallics created a unique, high-end look that transformed the garage into a luxurious showcase. The marbled effect adds depth and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for showcasing exotic sports cars.

Durability and Protection

The combination of metallic epoxy and a gloss urethane topcoat ensures a durable and long-lasting floor. This setup is resistant to wear, chemicals, and impact, making it ideal for a garage environment. The high-wear surface provides excellent protection, maintaining the floor's pristine appearance even under heavy use.

Easy Maintenance

Metallic epoxy floors are not only beautiful but also easy to maintain. The smooth, seamless surface resists stains and spills, requiring minimal effort to keep clean. This makes it perfect for a garage where maintaining a clean and polished look is essential.

Customization Options

One of the key advantages of designer metallic epoxy floors is the ability to customize the look to fit the client's vision. The blend of Pearl and Silver metallics in this project created a unique shade that perfectly complemented the client's car collection. This level of customization allows for endless design possibilities, ensuring a one-of-a-kind floor.

Epoxy Plus Pro's Expertise

Epoxy Plus Pro's expertise in creating designer metallic epoxy floors is showcased in this New Jersey garage project. Their ability to blend aesthetics with functionality makes them a top choice for epoxy contractors in the region.

Why Choose Epoxy Plus Pro?

For those looking for exceptional garage epoxy solutions and epoxy contractors in New Jersey, Epoxy Plus Pro offers unparalleled services. Their dedication to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry.

This designer metallic epoxy garage floor project in New Jersey exemplifies Epoxy Plus Pro's commitment to excellence. By delivering a floor that is both stunning and durable, they have once again proven their ability to transform spaces into showcases of luxury and functionality.

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