Project details

A metallic epoxy floor made to look like water installed in a tanning salon on Staten Island New York

Ocean Themed Designer Metallic Epoxy Flooring for Staten Island's Premier Tanning Salon

Unveiling a Masterpiece at Staten Island's Luxury Spa

On Staten Island, New York, a high-end tanning salon embarked on a journey with Epoxy Plus Pro to transform their expansive space into a beach themed sanctuary. Recognized as the leading flooring contractor in New Jersey and New York, Epoxy Plus Pro was tasked with creating a floor that mirrored the serene and majestic essence of the ocean, resulting in a thematic masterpiece that covers over 3,000 square feet.

Visionary Design Meets Durability

The Salon's Ambition: A Sea of Tranquility

"The ambition was to infuse our salon with the calming presence of the ocean, making every visit an escape to paradise. Epoxy Plus Pro not only realized our vision but elevated it," remarked the salon owner. This partnership was founded on the shared goal of achieving a floor that was not only mesmerizing in its beauty but also robust enough to withstand the rigors of high traffic while requiring minimal maintenance.

Crafting the Ocean Floor: A Step-by-Step Process

Initiation: Conception and Collaboration

The transformation journey began with a detailed consultation where Epoxy Plus Pro's expert sales representative meticulously discussed and mapped out the salon's vision, ensuring a personalized approach to the project.

Step 1: Preparing the Canvas

Specialized concrete grinding equipment, fitted with diamond tools, was deployed to grind the concrete floor, opening the pores for a secure bond with the epoxy coating. This crucial step ensured that the foundation was perfectly prepped for the application of the metallic epoxy.

Step 2: Painting with Epoxy

Following the grinding, the floor was thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris. Epoxy Plus Pro's artisans then skillfully applied several shades of blue metallic epoxy, blending the colors by hand to mimic the dynamic and fluid beauty of the ocean. This layer not only serves as the centerpiece of the salon but also as a testament to the craftsmanship of Epoxy Plus Pro's team.

Step 3: Sealing with Satin Finish Urethane

To ensure the longevity and ease of maintenance of the floor, a satin finish high wear urethane protective topcoat was applied. This final layer provides a durable surface that withstands the daily traffic of the salon while retaining the aesthetic allure of the ocean-themed design.

The Epoxy Plus Pro Difference: Beyond Expectations

Benefits of Choosing Metallic Epoxy

Opting for a designer metallic epoxy floor offers numerous advantages, especially for retail spaces like this Staten Island tanning salon:

  • Durability: Engineered to endure, perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Satin finish urethane topcoat simplifies cleaning, ensuring the floor remains pristine with minimal effort.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The handcrafted oceanic design transforms the space into an inviting sanctuary, enhancing the customer experience.

Client Satisfaction: A Vision Fulfilled

"Working with Epoxy Plus Pro was a great experience. They not only brought our oceanic dream floor to life but also ensured it was practical for our busy salon. Their professionalism and artistry have truly made our space a haven for our clients," the salon owner reflects on the successful collaboration.

Conclusion: A Sea of Possibilities with Epoxy Plus Pro

This Staten Island tanning salon project is an example of Epoxy Plus Pro's commitment to excellence, combining aesthetic beauty with functional durability. As the premier epoxy floor contractor in NY and NJ, our dedication to bringing visions to life and exceeding client expectations is unwavering. Whether it's a thematic design or a standard resurfacing, Epoxy Plus Pro is your trusted partner in transforming spaces. Visit our website for more inspiration